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Q: First of all we want to say welcome to you.
Ans: Thank you , it’s my pleasure to be your guest.
Q: How did you come into music industry?
Ans: My father was a musical minister, who sang played piano and he taught all of his children to sing, even though I think it was already in the genes.
Q: Who was your inspiration for music?
Ans: Over the years I’ve had many, early Motown, early Gospel, James Brown, the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Barry Manilow, John Denver, Glen Campbell, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke and many, many more.
Q: What is the name of your debut song?
Ans: My debut song is “Risk It All”
Q: Say something about your musical journey?
Ans: My musical journey started as a kid in N.C., where I sang with the church choir as a lead vocalist. Then we moved to N.Y. when I was 12yrs old. That’s where I began playing bass guitar. While in N.Y., I had the opportunity to play with some very talented people in all Genres. I played gospel, jazz, rock, blues and R&B in different groups. I moved to L.A. when I was 18 yrs old and I met all kinds of famous people a had a few opportunities to play with them. But life took over and I started to have pitfall after pitfall. I came to Tennessee to start over and didn’t know where music fit into my life anymore. I had to focus on getting a job, finishing my education , joined the military and raised a family. I was fortunate to find a really good job and was able to start building my studio. I started writing again and recording my ideas. I began to work with other aspiring artist as a producer and meanwhile honing my songwriting and production skills. About 5 yrs ago, a very close friend told me to put my own music out as an artist. I had been convinced that I was too old to make it in the music biz. But I followed her lead and my first song, “We Are Friends” got a great response from the fans and great reviews on Reverbnation. It also won an award from the Akademia and was played over 200k times in their affiliate radio networks. More recently, I’ve had great reviews on several releases and currently ranked #1 on N1M, for 4mths now. At this point, music is the primary focus for me going forward. So to say the least, it has gone full circle for me and I’m happy to still be able to do what I’ve loved all of my life.
Q: Who helped you most in your journey?
Ans: My help has come from many sources to include, my parents, my bands from the past, my musical mentors, and all of my life experiences.
Q: What do you do now a days?
Ans: I loved to fix things. I work on cars mostly, but I have fix every appliance , including TV’s , in my house. I’m quite the handy man. I also like to work out , my health is key and I don’t take it for granted.
Q: Let us know something about your future projects.
Ans: I’m in the process of finishing my 2nd album “Truth” and hopefully will complete it before summer. I have a video project for the song “Risk It All” that is also in the works. And I plan to be a full time touring working artist by years end.
Q: What is your message to your fans?
Ans: My music advice is continue to follow JCraig and his musical journey, which is still unfolding. We have so much to share now and in the future. And we hope that you will share us with all of your friends and contacts.
Q: Any message for new artist?
Ans: My message to artist is, to love what you do and it will be felt by the listener. People listen, but true fans feel.

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“Combining his inventive sound with a forward-thinking musicality, JCRAIG consistently manages to hit all the right notes. With undeniably unique songs and engaging performances, this is one R&B Artist to keep your eyes (and ears) on.”

Music Mass | independent artist


UK Music Review Blog

J Craig’s ‘Risk It All’ and ‘For Eternity’ are two fantastic songs that are a must for any playlist.
In his two latest projects, J Craig showcases to us just why he is the name to follow in the world of music with catchy lyrics and top-level production. ‘Risk It All’ is an exciting song that builds on energetic vocals and vibrant lyrics, that rightfully shine the true talent of J Craig to the soul of the listener. While ‘For Eternity’ catches a warmer emotional side, with once again authentic and raw vocals of J Craig. With these projects out, we are sure to hear more great things from this very exciting and highly talented artist.

Power Chord | independent artist


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Fan Mail



I've been listening to your playlist on n1m for some time already and it's been added to my favourites but do you have any new tunes? let me know, i'd love to hear new sounds.



Hi I can listen to your songs over and over again, I hope never lose that marvel of listening! See you on the billboard top 100 charts! ...



I can't find the buy button on N1M, i'd love to get your album or EP.



I just want to send my best wishes to you for a great Christmas, and to thankyou for your music. I hope that wherever you are in the world this week, you have a lovely time over Christmas with your loved ones.
Sending you love, peace and laughter in your Christmas stocking.



Hi! This week i ve been mostly listening to your music, people really like what you do. Good luck in your future endeavours!



Hey, so we have found you on N1M and my boyfriend Zac loves you song Risk It All - this is the only thing that he has been listening to.. a few days in a row... THANKS! We love your music keep it up!



You're amazing, talented, and your music shows it. You work so hard and everyone knows it because everyone can feel it in your music.
You're so inspirational, and Thank you for that.



Hi! How to buy your album on google play?? I've been searching... but could not be found. or maybe you can upload more tunes here, I'm eager to hear more...thanks



"Risk It All" song is fantastic, it's so original. please let me know then about your upcoming releases



Hey, you can be sure i'm here to recommend your music. Love 'Can I'!! Cheers



I am here almost every day in hopes of some new music from you.You're awesome. Love the recordings! Wishing you all the best that life can bring, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!



I look forward to checking out all the music...keep coming out with gorgeous music for me to hear!



We have just listened to your amazing tune Lay Your Body Down. You have a God-given talent and we will be following your inevitable future successes!!!! it's an honor to be your friends & fans.



Hope you are still writing and creating songs. If so, please share!



Hi, a big thumbs up from me. I'm glad I've found your page on here, I've been enjoying your music for quite some time. I bet you hear this all the time, but I was genuinely amazed when I first heard one of your tunes titled Can I.



Hello, I’m not a fan of your genre but your song Can i caught my attention while I was browsing playlists on here. How do I buy your album on here?! Peace.



hey your music helps me standing a hard time at the moment! thank you for it..



Today your N1M page has been distributed to all my social accounts. Let's raise your army of fans! Your music is worth listening to and worth buying.



Hey. Just dropping by to say hey.
And that I have 'Risk it all' on repeat at the moment for the past like.. hour.






Hi! I just stopped to show my support for your music. Thanks for creating great music that we(fans) want to play over and over. At the moment I'm listening to Risk It Al

Awsome music. Your soul really shines through your music. Your tunes are brilliant.
I will definitely be spreading your website around and purchasing your music.

Take care and please keep making your music,


Opal Welling via 

Risk it all just added to my favs on n1m and followed u, you're awesome!


Thank you! You are different than the music you hear on mainstream platforms

Thanks for sharing your music. Love it from the very first listen. I will for sure be buying your CD!!!!!

Melanie via 

If I didn't have to get up early in the morning I would stay here all night searching for the rest of your tunes.

Fidel via 

I want your body is my fave! Love it! Best,



Today your N1M page has been distributed to all my social accounts. Let's raise your army of fans! Your music is worth listening to and worth buying.

Emmanuel Clay via 

Listened to your superb music on my train trip today . )))


Exceptional song and arrangemend!

Great mixture of Hip-Hop and Pop with patterns in style of R&B, slight electronical textures and persistent up-tempo beat. The unique vocals of JCraig underlaid with gently synthesizer effects in the backround are enriching the mood. The lyrics coming from the heart and going hand in hand with a love-relation and touching the soul. But the whole song is more various. The beat varied in the bridge and the chorus accompanes the song perfectly well. The deep bass-line by using a digital modulated instrumentation is a extra factor. The lyrics are impressive and unleashes the feeling of someone who is touched by heart of his beloved. The refrain is the message and makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. This ambitious arrangement by using electronical effects and modulated tunes is a composition full of unconventional sounds what brings a hypnotically feel into the music. The digitally mixing and mastering is professionell. This song could be a radio hit and it´s original. I´m sure, you will also hear, why JCraig ranked #1 here on N1M.

Reviewed by KAIJY PRO on Mar 08 
Germany, Hamburg



Hey I'm actually quite happy you did contact me because I really like your music.
I've listened to it 20 times now.
Anyways, LOVE IT and I hope to hear more from you in the future.

Take care

Fidel via 

Good job keep it up! I really like your music especially risk it all I hope you will find your way to MEGA success sooner or later.

Morgan via 

hello you're far too talented not to share what you can do with a vast audience and make a living from it -

I believe that ability shines through and that you've got plenty... Morgan

Cyril via 

Listening to...lay your body down
Very Original Sound!!

Melanie via 

love your RISK IT ALL, you deserve the world of recognition for doing what you do. Keeping on making a great music because you are AWESOME

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